Improve your English speaking skills

In order to improve your English speaking skills, you must strengthen your basic English “knowledge = INPUT” as well as your “verbal communication = OUTPUT” which is difficult to do on your own.

English “knowledge” and “proficiency”

Even though I've studied English, I can't speak it well…Even though I've studied English, I can't speak it well…

Many Japanese business people achieve high marks on paper but have difficulty actually speaking in English. “Knowledge” of English grammar and vocabulary does not necessarily equal “speaking proficiency”.

For example, even though examinees may get the same test score 850 on the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test, their actual speaking level may range widely from a TSST Level 2 to Level 9.

Distribution of TSST levels in relation to TOEIC® L&R TEST Scores

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As with client negotiations, speaking up at meetings, and conversing with colleagues; real life work situations don't come with a rehearsed script and you can’t hit the rewind button for a do-over. Most situations call for you to communicate effectively at the time and on the spot.

More and more businesses require globally minded employees who will communicate their own thoughts in their own words in English.

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