Human Resource Managers say :

  • We hired this employee because her pronunciation was good but we found that her actual ability to communicate in English was insufficient.
  • We have found little disparity in test results between those who say they are good at English and those who say they aren't.

TSST is deliberately designed to measure spoken English ability of Japanese English learners.

Rate your ability in English to
express your thoughts and opinions in your own words!

  • Open-Ended Questions
    • Open-ended questions require examinees to provide much more information. Raters can more accurately assess the respondents’ level as more volume is provided in their:
    • *Questions requiring specialized knowledge or business experience are not asked
    • *Question pools available for students and business people
  • Each question is asked first in Japanese and then in English
    • Questions are asked in Japanese as well to ensure that test-takers will be rated solely on their speaking ability and not be penalized for poor listening skills.
  • Questions targeted to accurately assess Japanese English learners
    • TSST was especially developed to accurately measure the level range where Japanese English learners fall into (Levels 3~5).

Number of Questions:10 questions, 45 seconds per answer

Questions are grouped depending on the difficulty of the function

Sample Question

Press PLAY to listen to a sample question followed by 45 seconds for your answer.