Application procedures, taking the test

How much is it?

Testing fees depend on the registered number of applicants.

【Corporate fees】
7,700 yen (Tax Included)/person

※For Individuals 8,800yen (Tax Included)/person

How to apply?

Please submit the following
・Exam period
(number of days examinees can take the exam)
・Examinee List
(name in Japanese, English, email address)

When can the exam be taken?

You can take the exam one week from applying. However, application deadlines may differ depending on the season. Year End holidays, Golden Week and other extended break holidays have differing deadlines. Please contact us for more information.

Is there a minimum number of people who may apply?

You may apply for just 1 person.

How long can the exam period be?

The number of days may be set freely. The exam period may be set for one day. However, the start time of the exam period will start at midnight of the initial day and end at 6 pm on the last day. Please be aware that if only one day is set as the exam term, it will not be for 24 hours. The exam term will be from midnight to 6 pm for a total of 18 hours.

Can the start and/or end time be changed?

No. The start time will be from midnight on the first day and end at 6 pm on the last day.

Is it possible to take the exam from overseas?

This test is made for those residing in Japan. However, if the following conditions are met, the test may be taken from overseas. Please see below for details.

Please click here for overseas applicants.

Is it possible to cancel or make changes after applying?

No. We immediately start the exam process upon your application therefore no cancellations or changes may be made.

What happens if the test isn’t taken during the exam period?

Please be advised that we charge for the number of examinees at the time of application (the registered number of applicants) regardless of whether they take the test or not. If you want to take the test again, you will have to apply again and pay the fees. In order to prevent missed tests, we send out reminder emails to examinees. Human Resource (or corporate personnel) may check the status of examinees through the website.

Instructions for Examinees

How will Examinees receive information about the test?

We will send out exam instructions via an email containing information about the test at 1pm one day prior to the start date. This email will be sent regardless of whether the day prior to the start date falls on the weekend or National Holiday.

Can the exam instructions email be sent at a customized date?

No. The exam instructions email will be sent at 1pm one day prior to the start date of the exam term.

Can the exam instructions email be customized?

No. The exam instructions email is an automated message sent from the TSST system. It contains necessary information such as examinee ID and exam term dates.

What happens if an examinee loses the exam instructions email

The exam instructions email can be re-sent by the HR Manager through the TSST dedicated website.

Notification of results

How can the HR manager view results?

The HR Manager can view all examinee results and score reports through the dedicated website.

Can multiple test results be downloaded at once?

Multiple results per application can be downloaded in a single CSV file. The score reports can also be downloaded collectively.

How are results delivered to the examinee?

Examinees may view their own test results through the website. Two emails will be sent after taking the exam. One for notifying the completion of the evaluation. And the other will contain the password to view the test results.

Can the results be known faster than the delivery date?

No. Rating starts after the end of the exam term so no matter when you took the test during the period, the results will be delivered on the delivery date.

How does this TSST test compare with other tests?

Please view our Level Comparison Chart for the CEFR

What can be done to improve the TSST level?

Please view our Learning Support page


How is private information handled and what is your privacy policy?

Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.