Managing Exams

Human Resource Managers say :

  • Arranging venues, coordinating examinee’s schedules, explaining testing procedures, preparing equipment, arranging test proctors, etc. for a speaking test is too much work.
  • Coordinating and distributing test results is a hassle.

TSST is fast,
easy and efficient!

  • No need to arrange venues or coordinate schedules!
    • Just set the exam period and send us your list of examinees
  • No need to contact examinees manually!
    • Confirm exam status and test results through our specialized website. Save test results in CSV format
    • Automated mailing system to examinees will provide testing procedures, remind them of test dates, deliver test results

From application to test results

  Corporate Personnel Examinees
ApplicationRequired 5 business days before desired start date Submission of examinees list to ALC


  1. 1.Examinees’ name in Japanese
  2. 2.Examinees’ name in English
  3. 3.Email address
Exam InstructionsEmailed at 1PM the day before the exam term

*Exam instructions emailed only to examinees.

Delivery of exam instructions via email
Exam PeriodFrom 12AM of the initial day to 6PM
of the final day of the exam term
Option to set how many days in the exam period
Access to TSST dedicated website
・checking progress of examinees
・resending exam instructions to examinees
Exam via telephone
(Accessible 24 hours)
Reminder email
Notice of ResultsSent five to six business days
after the end of the exam term
Email notice of results
Access to all examinees’ results online
Email notice of results
Password mail delivery
Access to results online
  • *Application deadlines and delivery of exam results may differ according to the season.
  • *Cancellations and/or changes will not be admitted after application.
  • *Rating will begin after the final day of the exam period. Therefore, notification of results will be the same, no matter when the test was taken.
  • Services available in Japanese and English: automated emails, telephone guidance, score reports
  • Examinees taking the test from overseas, click HERE

Sample Schedule

  • *Please zoom in to enlarge
  • *Option to set how many days in the exam term. Above Schedule is just an example.