Approx. 10,000 business professionals take the exam / yearApprox. 10,000 business professionals take the exam / year

Why Human Resource
Managers Choose TSST

Examples of implementation:
to measure effects of language training; as an official company test for
personnel evaluations; to select expat candidates; to plan new-hire training


Fast & Easy

Available 24/7,
Anywhere in Japan,
Over the Phone

Takes approx. 15 min

Our Specialized Website
Manages Everything

No Need to :

  • Arrange venues,
    Coordinate schedules for
  • Provide test descriptions or results
  • Install Apps

Validity & Reliability

Test practical English oral proficiency

Assesses how effectively and appropriately you can speak in English “on the spot ”

  • Developed solely to measure oral proficiency
  • Rated by certified raters trained to assess how the speaker can be
    understood by listeners

ALC Make It PossibleALC Make It Possible

Paving your way to improve your speaking skills

The TSST Score Report shows the speaker’s abilities AND areas for improvement

  • TSST was developed to accurately measure Japanese English learners
  • A score (100-995) given with a TSST level (L1-L9) makes it easy to
    compare learners’ progress
  • A radar chart showing individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Abilities and areas of improvement based on the assessment
    identified by criteria
  • Personalized study tips to work on weak areas
  • ALC provides a wealth of services to help increase scores

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Learn advantages of utilizing the TSST result as a measurement for the professional development of your employees.

Testing Fee

Corporate Rate

7,700JPY (Tax Included)/person

*For individual examinees: 8,800 JPY (Tax Included)/person

Features of Each Speaking Test

Format Duration Fee
*Tax Included
TSST Telephone 15min 7,700
  • Take the test anywhere within Japan, 24/7, over the phone
  • Easy system for human resource managers to manage
  • Assess how effectively and appropriately you can communicate your thoughts in any context
  • Quantifies Functional Oral English Communication skills
Exam A PC 20min 6,285
  • Well-known Reputation
  • Test result available after 11 business days
Exam B PC 15min 6,900
  • Focused on particular business scenes
  • Must arrange a venue, setup PCs, coordinate schedules for examinees, etc.
Exam C Smartphone
20min 5,500
  • AI-based language recognition & automatic grading
  • Rates Listening Skills (test results only reflects speaking skills)

TSST Features

Max. 5 people
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