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General Information

What is the TSST?

The Telephone Standard Speaking Test (TSST) is an automated telephone-based English speaking test created by ALC Press Inc. in 2004. It allows test-takers to have their English speaking ability assessed easily, wherever they are, 24 hours a day.

Overview of the TSST

Test Format Automated spoken English test conducted over the phone
Testing Time Approximately 15 minutes
Number of Questions 10 questions (45 seconds per answer)
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Testing Hours Accessible 24 hours a day during the testing period
Location Accessible anywhere within Japan
Ratings Rated independently by three certified raters
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Rating Scale Nine levels, between Level 1 (Novice) and Level 9 (Advanced)
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Score Report Available through a password accessible website
Click here to see a sample (in Japanese only)
Testing Fee 8,000 yen + tax, payable by credit card
* For organizations, "group discount" may be applicable. Please contact ALC PRESS INC. for details.
1 Process of Taking the TSST 1.Test-takers apply online
* For organizations, please contact ALC PRESS INC. for details.
2.Test-takers receive a Test ID and a toll-free number via E-mail
3.Test-takers make a call and take the TSST
4.Test-takers check a specific website for their results

Why Take the TSST?

The recognition of one’s speaking proficiency is essential for effective and continuous development of his or her speaking skills. In addition, it is now a well-known fact that the result of a paper test does not necessarily reflect one's speaking ability accurately. The TSST is a convenient test that allows individuals to easily assess their speaking proficiency over the phone.

Due to its convenience and easily-comprehensible assessment, the TSST has been adopted in many international organizations in Japan as a standard speaking measurement for employees. The HR department often utilizes the TSST result as a part of its HR policy regarding overseas placement and overseas business trips. Furthermore, organizations that have a demand for certain English skills utilize the TSST result as a measurement for the professional development of their employees. The effectiveness of overseas or in-house language training can also be evaluated by requiring the employees to take the test before and after the training.

Furthermore, many Japanese English learners are aware of the benefit of becoming a proficient English speaker in this internationalized society. Numerous English learners are taking the TSST on a personal basis, in order to evaluate their own speaking proficiency and make progress in their studies.

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